Cerner teams with i2i for Medicaid cost savings tools

Cerner and analytics vendor i2i Population Health are teaming up to help enable Medicaid cost savings through a suite of IT solutions.

Through the collaboration, clients will benefit from an integration of systems allowing data to flow freely in Cerner’s electronic health record system, its HealtheIntent population health management platform and i2i’s suite of pop health tools, the companies say.

The cloud-based HealtheIntent platform can receive data from any EHR, existing IT system and other data sources, such as pharmacy benefits managers or insurance claims.

The company’s PHM platform has been implemented at more than 2,600 healthcare delivery sites across 36 states, helping to identify clinical and outcome measures with the most significant impact on their population.

The integration between Cerner and i2i’s analytics products will offer clients a broader set of population health management capabilities, allowing clients to make better use of data-driven health insights for a growing Medicaid population.

Nearly 18 percent of Americans were covered by Medicaid in 2018, according to a Statista study from October 2018, and the analyst firm projects nearly 80 million Americans will be enrolled in the system by 2022.

By 2024, the projected Medicaid expenditure in the U.S. could reach nearly $885 billion, the report concluded, and Medicaid serves the population most adversely impacted by the social determinants of health, Medicaid may be the driver to reducing overall healthcare costs.

Two weeks ago, Cerner announced it is working with Simplee, a developer of SaaS-based patient financial experience tools, to offer consumers a more transparent and personalized healthcare billing process.

Through the partnership, Cerner will add Simplee’s Patient Financial Engagement platform to its revenue cycle portfolio and integrate the platform into its consumer-facing technology.

In August, Cerner partnered with the Duke Clinical Research Institute to launch the Cerner Learning Health Network, which aims to automate data collection from multiple sources, including electronic health records, with the aim of helping clinicians more easily and efficiently gain health insights and guide care.

“We are dedicated to helping our clients deliver the highest quality care possible with improved outcomes at the lowest cost,” said Chad Haynes, vice president of strategic growth, state government and Medicaid for Cerner, in a statement.

“Our population health management tools combined with i2i’s EHR-agnostic capabilities will support users to drive positive, sustainable outcomes for community health centers, primary care associations and rural health systems,” he added.

“i2i’s strong experience serving Medicaid beneficiaries paired with Cerner’s industry leading health IT solutions and services will advance our similar missions to improve the health of communities,” said Justin Neece, president and CEO of i2i.

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