Celebrities Who Battle With Eczema

Eczema can be challenging, especially because it can make anyone feel embarrassed about their skin. Those dry, red, itchy patches on your body often bring along the not-so-needed gaze of others. Just imagine the struggle of those in the showbiz who are under constant watch of shutterbugs! Sounds tough right? Let’s take a closer look at how these celebs battle with this skin condition that is also called Atopic Dermatitis.

Looking at the stunning Kerry Washington who is famous for portraying Olivia Pope in Scandal, it’s pretty hard to believe that she has eczema. The star has been struggling with this skin problem since childhood for which she took the help of a dermatologist and now has learned to handle it after years of experience. To nourish her skin, Kerry sticks to drinking plenty of water, taking fish-oil supplements and avoiding dairy.

Another celebrity who shares her journey of fighting with this inflammatory skin issue is Sister, Sister fame Tia Mowry who revealed that in her case endometriosis was the root cause of having eczema. After the condition became serious to an extent that it questioned her chances of conceiving, the actress switched to a diet consisting of whole-foods with a total cut off from dairy. These health changes worked tremendously well for her as she bore her first kid and was freed from eczema.

While some may find relief from atopic dermatitis through specific diets and medication, there are many people like the English screenwriter Peter Moffat who just have to live with it no matter what. As the writer explains it – when you have a spot, it feels like a raging itch and it’s uncontrollable to resist scratching it. Peter is now working on raising awareness about this condition where he shares real-life stories including his own.

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