Bavaria, a mask is mandatory in schools

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Bavaria, a mask is mandatory in schools

12.13 PM: For the new school year leads to Bavaria, a mask is compulsory in schools. You will have to apply to the course in the classroom, even in primary schools, said Minister of culture Michael Piazolo (Free voters) in Munich on Friday. So far, only a corresponding bid have passed. Depending on the development of the Corona pandemic, a mask is mandatory in the classroom is regional possible.

The mask cockpit is part of a Four-level system, which will introduce the free state for the start of School in September. It depends on the infection happen in the respective regions. Aim after the summer holidays, as a rule, operating under special hygiene conditions, was Piazolo said. The schools start at 8. September.

In the case of high infection, and also a return to the distance education numbers in a Region could in the local schools, from home needed to be – the fourth stage. In steps two and three the system will apply first a mask is mandatory in the classroom and also tighter clearances.

Until at least the end of January 2021 multi-day class to be says trips. For all teachers shall consist in addition, the offer of a voluntary series of testing. A duty to but it will not be introduced according to Piazolo.

Yesterday had already given up Berlin, as well as, a mask is compulsory in schools to introduce. The scheme will apply after the end of the holiday in a week for pupils, teachers and other Employees in school buildings, such as education Senator Sandra Scheeres (SPD) announced on Thursday. During the lessons and in after-care, however, no one has to wear a mask. dpa/Marijan Murat/dpa/archive A mouth-nose cover is during a lesson in addition to a pencil case and school books on a school table.

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