Babies come in with the wrong educated hands to the world: More cases surfaced

Three newborns with false-educated hands within a few months in a Gelsenkirchen-based clinic. Now, more cases will be added. The accumulation is random, or is there a connection? Medical puzzles.

  • In a Gelsenkirchen-based clinic were born within a few months, three children in with the wrong educated hands
  • In other cities, there have been several similar cases
  • The reason for the increased incidence of malformations is unclear, the health Ministry called for a swift clarification

The children came in the Sankt Marien-Hospital Buer in Gelsenkirchen, Germany, between mid-June and early September on the world, such as the clinic, on your website told. "The more times that Occur now may be a random accumulation. We find, however, the short period of time in which we now see these three cases, striking."

More cases of malformations appeared

Malformations of this kind has not been seen in the clinic for many years, it was more. Midwives had made on the cases to the attention of several media reported.

Also, around 25 kilometres from the Buer distant dates in the summer, a child will fail with an educated Hand to the world, as the Online edition of the "Reckling Houses Zeitung" reported. It was, according to the Vestischen children’s and adolescents ‘ clinic in Datteln to the same malformation, as you should already be in Gelsenkirchen occurred. As the "WAZ" reported, was also born in Dorsten in the spring of a Boy who has one Hand and no fingers. The "Bild"-The newspaper also reported of a case from Mulhouse: There is said to have been born in March 2017, a Boy without a left Hand. A statement would not have had the Doctors. In addition, a woman in Mulhouse, pregnant with their child at a Screening of a malformation was found to be currently. The child should come at the end of September to the world.

The Ministry of health for rapid clarification

The Federal Ministry of health, Jens Spahn (CDU) has expressed cautious to the cases. To be subject to the specific cases, there is no evidence, said a Ministry spokesman in Berlin on Saturday.

"If there is a striking clustering of malformations in the newborn, the as soon as possible clarified werden", he explained. The Ministry will welcome the fact that the hospital have contacted the Berlin Charité.

The NRW-Ministry wants to query all the clinics

North Rhine-Westphalia’s Ministry of health wants to gain, meanwhile, is a more accurate Overview. The Ministry will query all the hospitals in the state, whether there are similar malformations were noticed, a spokeswoman said the düsseldorf-based authority, on Saturday on request. You take the reports of such cases "very ernst".

"In addition, we make contact with the chambers of Physicians, the Federal government and the other länder, to possible causes, with all the care to pursue." Whether or not a register is the right way, it is vital to examine together, said the spokesperson for the land Ministry, which is led by the CDU politician Karl-Josef Laumann.

Limb malformations may be caused by infections

Chief Claudia Roll five cases according to the paper in such a short time is suspicious. Now, according to Roll is important to find out where other cases in North Rhine-Westphalia have occurred. Behind the Doctor, according to drugs, environmental toxins, or viral infections could be stuck.

Limb malformations may occur during pregnancy, infections, among other things, were, on the whole, but rarely, writes the Sankt Marien-Hospital Buer. In all three of the children in Gelsenkirchen, one of the two hands is affected. This Hand-palm and fingers are created only in a rudimentary form. The forearm was normal. In the clinic of 2018 were born, according to his own figures, more than 800 children. dpa/Marcel Kusch In the Sankt Marien-Hospital Gelsenkirchen-Buer, it has an unusual cluster of babies born with Hand malformations given.

No similarities detected

All the affected families lived in the local environment, it was more. Ethnic, cultural or social similarities of the families of origin could not be ascertained. "An in-depth research into the causes, we can betreiben&quot only with the consent of the parents;, Wolfgang Heinberg, a spokesman for the hospital Association of St. Augustine, belongs to the Marien-Hospital Buer said. The parents of the children had been invited, with the clinic to contact. "We have told accompaniment and support. We will also discuss the question of investigations."

The Gelsenkirchen-based clinic wants to focus on the cases now in regional quality circles for children and youth doctors. We have also included contact with experts of the Charité hospital in Berlin. From there it was on Friday: "The current level of information allowed, neither the Charité nor, in particular, the embryonic toxicology, a response to the content of this topic." The German midwife Association, declined on Friday to comment.

"The reports we seriously nehmen&quot must;

According to the clinic, there is no nationwide register for malformations. At the state level, malformations, for example, in Saxony, recorded-Anhalt. There are the so-called malformation monitoring, a since 1980, the existing device for the detection of congenital malformations and anomalies.

The Institution is affiliated to the Medical faculty of the University of Magdeburg requested. According to observations by the research of 2017 accounted for on 1127 births, a so-called reduction malformations of extremities. In comparison to the period 2005 to 2016, this is a reduction, had been reported to the country Ministry of social Affairs in November 2018.

Malformations in infants must be investigated

The North Rhine-Westphalian Minister of health is pushing for enlightenment. "The reports of malformations in infants we need to nehmen&quot seriously;, Karl-Josef Laumann (CDU), said, according to a message. "No speculation can help, however. Rather, the possible causes with the due diligence needs to be investigated."

Am also in the Ruhr area, located in Essen, Elisabeth hospital, with more than 2500 births per year, one of the largest maternity hospitals in North Rhine-Westphalia, there are, according to a spokeswoman, no accumulation of Hand malformations. "About Once a year, we have a child with a Hand deformity. We can’t sprechen&quot from an accumulation of such cases;, she said at the request of the German press Agency.

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