Aging cells to be eliminated efficiently – the key to eternal youth discovered?

The treatment helps the immune system to eliminate old cells

No longer will people suffer in the future under the effects of age and life long healthy and stay young? Researchers have now developed a treatment that helps the immune system to eliminate old cells, which could be the key to eternal youth.

In a recent study from the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel, it was found that by a targeted treatment, the immune system, certain cells may eliminate, which are involved in the aging. The results of the study were published in the English scientific journal “Nature Communications”.

We will be in the future, thanks to a special treatment even in old age are still healthy and active? (Image: Ljupco Smokovski/

What seneszente cells?

In the study, the way it was investigated, how the immune system is involved in the elimination of age or the age of the cells. These cells have not yet died off completely, however, suffer from loss of function or irreparable damage. These so-called senescent cells, which cause inflammation, have been already associated with typical diseases of old age.

Experiment was carried out on mice

The Team looked at two groups of mice, one of which is an important Gene to Remove old cells was absent in the other group, the Gene was present. After two years, the mice in which the Gene was absent showed a greater accumulation of senescent cells, compared with the mice in which the Gene was intact. The mice in which the Gene was missing, suffered from chronic inflammation and various functions in your body rails. The animals were also older, and some died earlier than animals from the control group.

What is the new drug caused?

Next, the researchers gave the mice a drug that proteins inhibits help aging cells to survive in their senescent state. So was trying to figure out whether this would contribute to the removal of the cells from the body. The treated mice responded exceptionally positively to the drug, your blood tests and activity tests showed an improvement and their tissue tracks resemble those of younger mice. The researchers found much less ageing of the cells in the bodies of treated animals. As for signs of inflammation, it was sought, it was found that these occurred significantly less frequently. The drug-treated mice were more active and their life span is increased.

It can allow us a longer life?

The accumulation of senescent cells in these mice is a progressive condition of chronic inflammation ends accompanied, according to the research team. There is an increased tissue fibrosis and other types of tissue damage and impaired organ function followed. The poor health of the treated aging mice was associated with a reduction in Fitness, a weight loss, an older appearance and a shorter lifespan, compared with non-treated mice. The pharmacological elimination of ageing cells in these mice extended their lifespan, so the conclusion of the researchers. (as)