After 13 miscarriages: a woman brings a child Prodigy to the world

Eleven pregnancies ended for Laura and Dave Worsley from the wedge-worth in the third Trimester. After taking medicines, the Couple from England tried his luck once again and a healthy daughter was finally welcome.

Eleven of the 35-year-old Laura Worsley had suffered births already, before two of their sons at the age of 17 and 20 weeks died. As the British "BBC" reported, it was found in the woman’s infertility. This was caused by the Antiphospholipid syndrome, a common autoimmune disease. Also, your placenta is supposed to be dead in part.

Parents believe their luck

Thanks to the treatment with drugs and steroids the Incredible happened, but still, The Couple gave birth to a healthy girl to the world. Meanwhile, daughter Ivy is nine months old and healthy. The child has to be born by caesarean section, and only eleven weeks later, discharged home have been.

Even after three-quarters of a year full of family happiness, the parents believe their luck: "After nine months I can’t still believe that she really heard me.", the mother said, according to the station.

Generous donation to hospital

Also, the competent Doctor, Professor Quenby, responded enthusiastically: "Many people benefit from Laura's case. Most would have given up in their place for a long time, she just made more.", she explained to the BBC. After the birth, the new parents held a Celebration in honor of their daughter. The 1000 Pound gained, you should have the hospital donated, where Laura was treated.