400-Lb. Game of Thrones Actor Consumes Up to 10,000 Calories Daily: 'I'm Always Eating'

You don’t become the World’s Strongest Man without the world’s biggest diet.

Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, who won that title in May and who plays Ser Gregor “The Mountain” Clegane on Game of Thrones, opened up to Business Insider about his massive eating plan, which mandates that he eat every two hours — devouring up to 10,000 calories and six meals daily.

The 400-lb. actor, who is 6-feet-9-inches tall, admitted that he occasionally questions whether his regimen, which he follows because “diet is very important to stay in shape,” is worth the hassle.

“There’s a lot of eating if you want to stay the best,” Björnsson, 30, explained to the outlet. “I have to eat every two hours, I have to fuel my body. And there’s a lot of timing, prepping meals, when I eat them. I think sometimes, ‘Is this worth it?’ I’m always eating, and I’m never hungry. I’m always eating and working out.”

What exactly does a person eat to satisfy a five-digit caloric intake? “Mostly steak, rice, carrots, with some peppers, sometimes chicken,” Björnsson said. “I eat so much, really. And definitely the hardest part of being in these competitions really is the diet.”

In 2016, he told GQ that sneaking in meals every two hours could be tricky on set. “It is not easy,” he said. “When I’m filming, I always have to have breaks to eat.”

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He said then that he eats “a lot of sweet potatoes, a lot of meat, fish, chicken, good fats like cocoa butter, almonds.”

“I love greens, like spinach, avocado, broccoli. I eat very healthy overall — but because of my weight, I need fast carbs, easy carbs,” he told GQ. “So maybe before a training session or after a training session, I eat what I want.”

In October, Björnsson just may have found an excuse to slip cake into his diet when he tied the knot with Kelsey Henson in Iceland.

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