30 million Green prescriptions issued

For 15 years, cash patients receive in the doctor’s office more and more often a so-called Green recipe. Many statutory health insurance companies reimburse now a part of the cost of medicines, which are prescribed in this way. Doctors in North Rhine-issued to their patients since then, about 30 million Green recipes.

Since the beginning of 2004, the kassen√§rztliche Vereinigung (KV) cooperate Rhine and the pharmacists Association Nordrhein e. V. in the case of the provision of the Green recipes. There were initially about a Million Green recipes per year, the number has risen in the last few years, to over four million. "The Green prescription is an important contribution to the strengthening of the Adherence of the Patienten", Thomas price, Chairman of the pharmacists ‘ Association North Rhine says.

"Also non-prescription medicines can sein&quot an important part of therapies;, Dr. med says. Frank Bergmann, Chairman of the KV North Rhine. Therefore, the cooperation of the Green recipe between the pharmacists Association of North Rhine, and the physicians ‘ Association of North Rhine is to be continued in the future.

Over-the-counter medication that the doctor prescribed on a Green prescription, to be reimbursed for part of many statutory health insurance funds. Whether and in what amount, have controlled the funds in their individual articles of Association services.

The Green recipe can also be submitted with the income tax return as a receipt, if patients should have exceeded your personal limit. Statutory health should therefore keep your Green recipes and receipts, to the reimbursement of over-the-counter drugs apply to be insured.


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