135 pounds – is that still a success or Failure?

My grandma taught me as a small child Running with a slightly unconventional method: Because I was fascinated by the big, sharp knives, she held me those copies in a safe distance in front of the nose on the donkey and a carrot. I stretched, ran a few steps and plopped to the floor, to stretch me immediately.

Also, when I go Cycling, I thundered several times against the garage door in the yard and the flower pots in the garden, until I drove safely without training wheels. Countless hours of Training were needed, until I run, swim and bike was able to ride. Practice makes perfect, and the greatest incentive to try it again was a Failure for me as a child.

With 18 years I pitched for the first Time, so violently, that me getting Up was difficult: My long-term relationship failed, I suffered two Cruciate ligament tears and could no longer play football, I lost friends, rattled through high school and was bullied in my training. I had the feeling to be 200 kilometers per hour in front of a wall of dangers.

In comparison to the Fall in the Childhood, it is now focused on topics that felt my existence threatened. It was, as I had to learn everything from scratch. While I was employed as a three years only with myself, and curious about just always had tried, turned it over in my Teenage head all of a sudden about what others thought about me and my Failure.

I got up, hard again. The ambition of the football early in me had woken up, helped me. Later, I completed a training as a foreign language assistant and studying for a degree in business and successful.

But success – what is it exactly? Sometimes I’m not so sure. Because it is not always as clear as in learning to Walk or after my defeats as a 18-Year-old. Today I know that one and the same condition on a day such as success feels, and the next like a step backwards. For me, it is, for example, the value on the scale.

In the Video: Mission Marathon – Ex-160-Kilo man in his dream (September 2016)will be fulfilled

Currently I weigh 135 pounds. This is the lens too much, for that alone, I could scourge me from the inside out. And I did often. When I think of it, that I had slimmed down for my Marathon-running, is already at 108 pounds, it is almost impossible to see the 135 pounds as a success. On the other hand, I weighed even 160 pounds. In comparison, there are now 25 pounds less – a huge success actually, is it?

It is the different perspectives from which I look at me and me rate, decide on the Hop, or Top are not alone. The number 135 makes me sad, and other times it makes me angry, sometimes proud of.

One of my goals is, therefore, The feeling of success and Failure is not more of a number. Much more important is how I feel with my weight, my Fitness and in my body. Yes, I want to find my feel-good weight, #vomschwergewichtzumgleichgewicht come, and healthy and fun. I’ll probably take detours – but the Failure is the same?

Often luck plays a role, or just bad luck. When I played football, I shot in a season of many goals and contributing to team success. In the ultimate game, an own goal went on my account, so that we were at the end only the runner-up. Victory or defeat? Again, both, somehow.

I believe today: the success of what I do myself out of a Situation. Success is a subjective sensation, as well as the Failure. It is a feeling of the shapes, but also temporary.

In retrospect, I can say that my Failure has made me what I am today. It has a lot of positive things that I could not directly see, after what felt like defeat. I was so long a Coach-Potatoe, felt bad and fat and sick – like so many other people in the world. Weight up, weight down, I am one of many.

But the Moment I ventured out of my shell, the buoyancy is greater. Even in times where it went for me on the downhill, as I was again thicker and health, have supported me and my Followers, and motivated.

My simple conclusion is therefore: Without valleys, no mountains, no grief, no joy without unhappiness, no happiness. Also success and Failure are two sides of the same coin. Even more important, I think, that we celebrate each success, no matter whether you pass a test, gefinishter run, or more Power when you workout. I don’t have everything in Hand. How I deal with success and Failure, however.