Hailey Baldwin Speaks On Anxiety & The Disgrace Surrounding Mental Health

Social media can be deceiving – well, most of the times if not all! We often tend to believe everything that is posted there as it gives us a feeling of a perfect world that doesn’t really exist if seen closely.

But recently, more celebrities are coming forward to let the fans get a glimpse of their real life which looks like a fairy tale from a distance. One such known face of the glamor world is Hailey Baldwin who chose to get honest about her anxiety issues as a part of the effort through which she is trying to be open about the well-being of her mind.

The model got her inspiration to talk about anxiety after seeing others sharing their health issues. She agrees to the fact that people assume celebs have a perfect life as they make tons of money which is why it’s obvious for them to be happy. Most of the times, they are not aware of the reality that is quite opposite to their assumptions.

About her own struggles, Mrs. Bieber revealed that she is one of the people who look totally fine from the outside when they actually feel like crying. One of her motivations behind opening up about it is the intention to help others who are on the same boat looking for a solution.

To deal with her own problem, Hailey emphasizes on having some alone time which becomes even more significant when someone is surrounded by people all the time. And it doesn’t only apply to work but also personal relationships where you need to spare some moments for yourself.¬†Besides that, she relies on therapy, meditation, and reading to fight back anxiety. Earlier she might not have thought of contributing to normalizing mental health problems but after having an experience of being harshly judged on social media, she knew it was the time.

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