Chip and Joanna Gaines Just Donated Their Beloved Baby Bassinet to an Expecting Mother

When it comes to baby gear and accessories, Chip and Joanna Gaines are the experts in the latest and greatest finds ever since the arrival of their baby boy last June.

The Magnolia Market founders and parents of five stocked up on all of the best baby gear when their youngest son, Crew, arrived last summer — and that included the insanely popular Snoo Smart Sleeper by Happiest Baby. Parents swear by the modern bassinet, which rocks, soothes, and responds to crying babies, allowing both little ones and grownups to get more sleep.

In fact, Chip Gaines recently shared his distress over the fact that their eight-month-old baby is now too big for the bassinet on Instagram. “Uh oh…what happens when they outgrow the #snoo??” he wrote.

While the baby bed doesn’t come cheap, it’s a game-changer that’s well worth the money, according to parents. When babies get fussy, the Snoo responds with a gentle rocking motion and white noise to lull them back to sleep. It also comes with a cozy Snoo Sack designed to keep babies in the best sleeping position, and tracks its usage, which parents can review and monitor on their smartphones.

“I recommend this to all of my mommy-to-be friends,” one Amazon reviewer wrote. “Don’t let the price scare you off; after a few weeks of virtually no sleep, I was ready to pay any amount of money to feel rested. Great product, aesthetically pleasing, easy to bring on travels—5/5 stars.”


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“On the 7th day of using it, [my baby] slept a full eight hours. By the time I had to go back to work she was consistently sleeping 9-11 hours every night,” another Amazon reviewer wrote. “For us it was kind of a miracle and absolutely worth the cost.”

And it’s not just a smarter way for babies to sleep — it’s safer, too. The Snoo Sack ensures youngsters stay on their back throughout the night and complies to the safe sleeping recommendations made by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

And while baby Crew is now too big for the bassinet, the Gaines found the perfect way to extend its life by donating it to an expecting mother who responded to Chip’s Instagram post.

Mom-to-be Kelly Claggett replied to the Fixer Upper star’s question and suggested that he pass it along to her. “Sell it to me!!” Kelly wrote on Instagram. “After 12 years, my husband and I are FINALLY expecting!!”

Chip quickly replied to congratulate her and give her their beloved bassinet with a little help from his assistant. “We’re so excited for you,” he wrote. “Let’s get her set up, @assistingchip.”

Looks like there will be one more happy (and well-rested!) mama and baby thanks to the Gaines and their beloved Snoo Smart Sleeper!

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