Andy Cohen Says He and Son Benjamin Are 'Madly in Love' and Talks Taking Him on Walks

The cast also includes Kristen Johnston as Luann de Lesseps and Rachael Harris as Tinsley Mortimer.

Cohen adds that he's particularly excited for the upcoming Radio Andy Theater because it's the first time he's done an episode from a season of Real Housewives that is still airing.

"I obviously had seen the episode months ago, and then when it aired people were just going out of their minds about how funny it was," he says. "I caught a midnight re-air of this episode at my house, the night that it aired, and I was howling. I was able to watch it just as a viewer lying there in bed and I was howling with laughter."

Cohen continues, "I think it was then that I emailed everybody at Radio Andy and I go, 'This is a perfect episode for us to adapt.' "

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