Woman is wearing 27 lenses in the eye

It’s a Routine should be-engaging: A 67-year-old woman should be out of surgery in the eye clinic of a hospital in the UK Solihull due to a cataract. This is a clouding of the lens, also cataract called. In the advanced stage of a gray discoloration behind the pupil becomes sometimes visible.

As the doctors wanted to start the eye assistant doctor Rupal Morjaria, however, with the Operation, they discovered an unusual foreign body in the eye of the patient. The bluish mass, as the Doctors describe, turned out on closer Inspection as a stack of contact lenses. Actually, it was 17 to each other adhesive disposable lenses, which are normally thrown away after a day.

As the Doctors examined the eye more, they found a total of ten more lenses, of which the patient had, apparently, noticed nothing. “We were all shocked that she had not noticed anything,” said Morjaria to the “New York Times”. The doctors speculate that it may be a deep-seated eyes of the patient, and the differences in vision could be on the left and the right favors that you have assessed the Situation incorrectly.

Only dry eyes?

You yourself said that you’ve had the feeling of something with your eye’s voice. You have the led on your age and the assumption that your eyes are only slightly dry.

For 35 years, the woman had used lenses, as the eye doctors report in the journal “British Medical Journal” (BMJ). How long you have had several of them in the eye, let him in retrospect, not reconstruct.

Usually contact lenses cause a strong foreign body sensation when they are longer than the recommended time worn, especially when several lenses are in the eye. Reusable contact lenses must be cleaned regularly to prevent infection by bacteria, viruses, or other pathogens.

The woman is lucky that it was not an infection, and your eyesight has not deteriorated, the Doctors. Because but had accumulated at least bacteria in the eye, postponed the scheduled cataract SURGERY.

Two weeks after the doctors had removed the 27 lenses from the eye, feels your eye much better than before, said the patient on demand.

The case underlined how important it was to recommend to only selected patients contact lenses and to accompany them with medical checks, write to the Doctors in the “BMJ”. Once lenses are not prescription and at pharmacies, drugstores or in the Internet.