Colorectal cancer: 2 servings of yogurt to reduce the risk

Already two cups of yogurt per week can &quot according to a study in the journal;Gut" help to reduce the risk of Intestinal growths. These so-called adenomas often precede the development of colon cancer. However, these correlations were observed only in men.

Compared to men who ate no yogurt, the probability of adenoma in those who ate two or more servings per week, 19 percent lower. The risk was even further develop even lower in certain Adenomas have a greater tendency to cancer. In women, links between yogurt consumption and the development of adenomas, however, were apparent.

The reasons for these results, nothing is as yet known. The researchers speculate that the yogurt contained live bacteria have anti-inflammatory properties or even the amount of cancer-causing could reduce chemicals in the intestine.

For the study, the researchers from Washington and Boston had examined the nutrition and development of various types of Adenomas at 32.606 men and 55.743 women closer. In all of the intestine between 1986 and 2012, had been investigated with endoscopy, and they delivered every four years, detailed information about your life style and diet. During the study period 5.811 adenomas in men and 8.116 in women developed.